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If you where unable to attend the live event and would like to take this course please call the offices of RLM at 601-798-4511 for the pass code to watch the videos.

06/01/16 Session One: Vision

This lesson deals with what vision is, what vision gives you, why you need vision and how to get it and keep it.

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06/22/16 Session Two: Submission

This lesson will deals with what submission is and how it can be a positive and not a negative thing in our life, though our current society sees it much different than God does.

07/06/16 Session Three: Servanthood

This lesson will deals with what being a servant truly entails and how your heart is more important that just what you do.  Learning to do the right things for the right reasons because you can't help yourself and not just because it's right.

07/20/16 Session Four: Commitment

Commitment is more about understanding God's commitment to us that it is about our commitment to Him.  When we truly understand that truth being committed to Him and His kingdom takes on a whole new perspective.

08/03/16 Session Five: Creativity

If we are created in the image of God, meaning we take on all His attributes and He is a creative God that means that we as His children are to be creative.

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