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08092020 | Knocked Down but not Knocked Out | Mark Jobe

Does God still speak today?  Will God speak?  If He does speak how does He speak?  Through the Bible?  Through a Preacher, Pastor and/or a Teacher?  Yes to all of them.  Many people think that prophets vanished or were done away with when Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended and the infilling of the Holy Spirit came.  (Check out Acts 1-3)  Prophet; the ordinary Hebrew word for prophet is nabi, derived from a verb signifying, "to bubble forth", like a fountain; hence, the word means one who announces, or pours forth, the declarations of God.  Are there modern day prophets?  Yes.  God uses men and women to speak into peoples lives and speak forth His commands and intentions.  Is the Holy Spirit not suppose to speak into our lives?  Yes, He does, absolutely. What do modern day Prophets have to do with God speaking into our lives?  He can use them to get our attention, affirm what we know He has already spoken, or to publicly declare God intentions and plans.  That is one of the reasons why each year Resurrection Life has a series of meetings called The Worship and Prophetic Conference where we invite men and women who have the gift of prophecy (Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12) to come and allow God to use them and speak into peoples lives.

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