Refresh Your Soul | Wayne Drain

Bible App NotesHave you ever felt stuck?  Stuck in life?  Stuck at your job, marriage, school, etc...?  We all have at some point in our life.  We don’t have to stay there.  “But how do I get unstuck?”, you might ask.  Some would say, “it’s simple just get unstuck.”  It’s not as simple as just making a choice.  There is a process of calling out to God and acting in obedience to what He says.


We live in a forward moving world and it prizes perpetual motion.  Our being stuck is not the same as moving forward.  It is a state of dryness, having no vision, can’t picture a bright future, can’t seem to hear from God, etc...  How do you get out of that state?


If you feel stuck in life and just don’t seem you are going anywhere maybe you need to stop and take a personal inventory of the gratefulness of your heart.  Those that are constantly complaining can’t be refreshed because they are clogging their heart up.  But those that are thankful have no room for complaining and thankfulness always brings refreshing.


Guest speaker and friend Wayne Drain share his personal story of how he was stuck and how God refreshed his soul and he “got unstuck” and began a whole new adventure in life.


May God refresh your soul as you listen to Wayne share godly insights about how to be thankful and it’s affect on our soul.


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