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Bible App NotesHoly Spirit, Holy Ghost, The Spirit, whatever name you use most people are a little apprehensive about Him.  Yes, we said Him.  Why?  Because according to the scripture He is part of the Trinity.  He is the “power” part of the Trinity.  All “power” instances in the Bible are used in reference to the Holy Spirit.  “The Spirit came upon them,” or “The Spirit lead him,” and many other instances.  Usually it was some form of “power act” done by the Holy Spirit.


These instances happened during the old testament times.  When Jesus came on the scene things started changing and there was a major uptick in the “power acts” of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life and through His disciples.  But Jesus wasn’t to stay here on this earth.  He had a specific job to come and do and He would return to the Father.  Enter the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told His disciples He was going away and leaving the Holy Spirit.  The disciples didn’t understand or like the fact Jesus was leaving.  Jesus told them, “it is to your advantage,” that I go and leave the Holy Spirit.


Jesus was not only leaving the disciples He was also leaving them with a task to do.  Jesus has never asked us to do anything that He was not going to give us the power, resources, or ability to do.  This is where the infilling of the Holy Spirit comes in.  We as the Church of Jesus have been redeemed and ransomed by the blood of Jesus giving us the “right” to come into the presence of God and making us a “holy” vessel enabling the Holy Spirit to now “live” inside us and not just come “upon” us.  Our lives should now be lived naturally supernatural.


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