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Our heart and desire are to see men and women SET FREE from the power of addiction.  It is possible.


The Leaders manual contains all the basic information for beginning a group.  Designed in a simple, concise and easy to implement format with all of the info for organizing your group in the first six chapters. The remainder of the manual contains the 12 core teachings, real life testimonies and helpful forms.  Each chapter begins with a : Lesson Focus; Student Message and a Focus For Leader section.  You will also find easy to read and follow suggestions for Leading within each topic.

MNLN Leaders Edition

  MNLN Participant Edition

A New Attitude to Recovery Participant Manual

The Participants manual is an easy to read workbook that opens up with an Opening Letter to the Participant, the Vision, Goals, Rules and Standards and a Group Covenant.  It contains testimonies of past participants and the 12 Core teachings.  It is designed to facilitate an interactive group experience with multiple choice questions, areas group discussions and  a Home Assignment at end of every chapter.  The book mirrors the Leaders manual.

A New Attitude to Recovery is the second installment of the My New Life NOW series.  It is an in-depth look into Christ's attitudes as reflected from His sermon on the mount.  The focus is on the importance of our attitude and why many are in need of an "attitude tune-up."  Our attitude affects our outcome and everything and everyone around us, either positively or negatively.  A New Attitude  has been used since 2005 in church, correctional and rehab based teaching.



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